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The Best Medicine最佳灵药1 As I approach the hospital wearing my white coat, I look just like any other doctor. That is until I put on my curly rainbow wig, big red nose, and add my name badge “Doctor Larry Laugh-Out-Loud”. I walk through the doors into the waiting area, where there’s a familiar atmosphere of boredom and tension. People sit uncomfortably on plastic chairs, looking through old magazines, all of which have been read hundreds of times previously. Anxious parents do what they can to comfort nervous and crying children.当我穿着白大褂走进医院时,我看起来和其他医生没什么两样——直到我戴上卷曲的彩虹色假发和大红鼻子,别上我的名牌“拉里,笑哈哈医生”。我穿过一道道门进入候诊区,这里充斥着常见的厌烦和紧张情绪。人们别扭地坐在塑料椅上,翻阅着那些已经被读过数百遍的旧杂志。焦虑的父母们正尽其所能安抚紧张哭闹的孩子。2 In the middle of this particular scene I spot a small girl whose ankle is twice its normal size. I speak with the on-duty nurse, who tells me that Lara’s parents rushed her to the hospital after she fell off her bicycle. Since getting here, Lara has spent her time crying in pain. Although it’s the doctors and nurses who will treat her injury, it’s my job to make her feel better.在这个特别的场景里,我注意到一个小女孩,她的脚踝肿成了原来的两倍。我和值班护士交谈时她告诉我,劳拉从自行车上摔下来,她父母赶紧将她送到医院。自从来到这里,劳拉就因为疼痛而一直大哭。尽管为她治疗伤痛的是医生和护士,但让她的心情变好则是我的工作。3 Scientific studies show that laughter produces chemicals to make people feel better, which means clown doctors can be helpful. We are specially trained clowns who work as part of a programme known as “hospital clowning”. I chose this career because of my experience of going to hospital when I was a kid. Although the doctors and nurses did a great job, hospitals weren’t really designedfor children. I spent much of the time when I was there feeling frightened and more than little bored! Being a clown doctor means I can help people by entertaining them.科学研究表明,欢笑能产生使人心情变好的化学物质,这就意味着小丑医生能帮到患者。我们是受过专门培训的小丑,是“医院小丑”项目的成员。我之所以选择这个职业,是因为我自己小时候去医院的经历。尽管当时医生和护士都尽职尽责,但医院实在不是个适合孩子们待的地方。我在那里度过的大部分时间要么觉得害怕,要么感到非常无聊!而成为小丑医生意味着我可以通过娱乐人们的方式来帮助他们。4 Visiting hospitals and other health care facilities, we clown doctorswork together with medical professionals. On a typical day, we spend our time cheering up patients, their families, and more often than not, the hospital staff, too! We do this by doing magic tricks, singing songs, telling stories and, of course, telling silly jokes. Some

提供每个病人的最新情况tr5 And my magic medicine does indeed seem to do the 。ick. While the doctor concentrates on examining Lara’s ankle, I get her attention by doing a magic trick. Although she is clearly still in somepain, her scared and anxious look has been replaced—first by a small smile, and then by loud laughter as I “magically” produce her sock from out of my pocket. Seeing their daughter so much happier has in turn made Lara’s parents more relaxed.而我的灵药
显然仍然有些痛苦, 但她恐惧和焦虑的表情已经不见了:先是一个小小的微
子。看到女儿破涕为笑,劳拉的父母也松了一口气t6 And as for me? Well, when I 。ake off my wig and my red nose, I’m still wearing a big smile, as I remember all the fun and laughter of the day. While there might be more hospital visits ahead for Lara and others, I hope that clown doctors help make it a friendlier place to visit. After all, it really is true that “laughter is the best medicine”.至
的就诊场所。毕竟,“欢笑是最佳灵药”,这句话是真的。Page 8 Developing ideasThe Importance of Humour幽默
的重要m1 Humour has been an essential part of hu性an behaviour for thousands of years. There is comedy in the texts of Ancient Greece, and medieval writings are filled with jokes. While these same jokes might not be as funny to us now as they were then, their authors understood that humour could not only entertain but also throw new light on sensitive or emotive issues.数
有争议的问题产生新的认识s2 Closer to modern time。, someone who is remembered for his ability to combine humour with more serious messages is American writer, Mark Twain. Twain’s particular style of writing is funny and often mischievous. For example, in his classic novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, he
children, though, don’t feel like laughing, especially if they’re in pain. We have to be very sensitive and work closely with the doctorsand nurses, who keep us updated on each patient.我们小丑医生和专业医疗人员一起工作,要走访医院和其他的医疗机构。我们一天的工作内容通常是为病人、病人家属,甚至是医院的工作人员带来欢乐!为此,我们会变魔术、唱歌、讲故事,当然还会讲一些滑稽的笑话。不过,有些孩子并不想笑,特别是在他们很疼痛的时候。所以我们

。只要那个家伙演讲,我总是要站 !”3 Like Twain, but on the other着side of the world, Lin Yutang was soon to become famous for his unique brand of humour. A well-known bilingual writer, Lin brought the concept of humour to modern Chinese literature. In 1924, he creatively borrowed “youmo” from Ancient Chinese as the translation for the English word “humour”. “Youmo” is still being used in this way today.和
”一词仍在以这种方式被人们使用e 4 Lin’s quick wit helped make him famous as a master of humour. Once,having been invit。d to dinner at a university, he was put on the spot when the president suddenly asked him to give a speech. Thinking on hisfeet, Lin started to tell a story about a cruel Roman emperor who tried tofeed a man to wild animals. First came a lion. The man whispered something in the lion’s ear, after which the lion shook its head and walked away unhappily. Then along came a tiger. Again, the man whispered in the tiger’s ear. The tiger looked shocked and hurried away. “What did you say to my animals?” said the emperor, astonished. “I told them they had to make a speech after eating me for dinner.” Lin’s audience roared with laughter. With this little joke, Lin was able to make people laugh, while gently telling off the president.林语堂
动物们说了什么?” 皇帝惊讶地说诉。“道告我它们,把我作为饭晚吃掉后,它们
须必要演讲一番。”堂林语 的听众们哄堂,笑。大过这个小笑话通林语堂既让大能,哈哈大笑家
famously says, “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrongwords.” But he is equally well known for his witty remarks in his everyday interactions with people. For instance, while on a lecturing tourof the United States, Twain went into a barber’s shop to get a haircut and a shave. The barber, not recognising him, asked if he had a ticket to the lecture. When Twain replied that he didn’t, the barber told him that ifhe wanted to go to the event he would have to stand, as there were no se