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Activity 1 Watch the video and answer the questions.1.Who is mentioned in the video? What decisions did he made?2.Why did he change his decision?
Activity 2 Look at the picture and answer the questions.1.What can you see in the picture? 2.What are the differences between the three paths?3.What do you think life's path looks like? 参考答案Activity 11.Lu XunHis initial life choice:To study Western medicine and become adoctor.His final life's path:Abandoning his medical studies and takingup writing.2.Because he realized that the people in China were more inneed of treatment for their minds than their bodies. The moreimportant thing was to change people’s spirit, and the best wayto achieve this was through literature. Activity 21.We can see three different paths in the picture. One man isstanding in front of the three paths. He may be thinking aboutwhich one he should follow.2.The path on the left is very straight and smooth. The path inthe middle is straight, but there are many rocks on it.The pathon the right has many twists and turns. The two straights pathsreach a mountain, while the winding one reaches a forest. Understanding ideas Facing the Future面向未来For many of us,it’s something we already have experienced.One moment,we are lying comfortably in bed,about to fall intoa deep sleep. The next,our eyes are open and we find ourselveswondering or even worrying about possibly the most importantissue of our lives—the future. Will we get into the school of ourchoice? What will we be doing in ten years’ time? Can webecome the person we really want to be? In the face of suchquestions,how should we approach the future? Can we takeaction to shape it,or should we just accept whatever comes ourway?
外研版高中英语选修第四册课文及译文***Unit 1 Looking forwards***Starting out

对我们许多人来说,这是我们已经经历过的事情。一会儿,我们舒舒服服地躺在床上,就要睡着了。接下来,我们睁开眼睛,发现自己对未来生活中可能最重要的问题感到疑惑甚至担忧。我们能进我们选择的学校吗?十年后我们要做什么?我们能成为我们真正想成为的人吗?面对这样的问题,我们应该如何面对未来?我们能采取行动来塑造它吗?还是我们应该接受我们所遇到的一切?As many of us already know,having plans in place for the futureis no guarantee that they will become reality. In thisrespect,some people are more fortunate than others,as can beillustrated by comparing the lives of two famous authors,born40 years apart. Although they shared the same ambitious andenergetic approach to life,their careers unfolded in contrastingways.正如我们许多人已经知道的那样,为未来制定计划并不能保证它们会成为现实。在这方面,有些人比其他人更幸运,这可以通过比较两位相隔40年出生的著名作家的生活来说明。尽管他们有着同样雄心勃勃、精力充沛的生活方式但他们的职业生涯却以截然不同的方式展开。The American author,Ernest Hemingway,born in 1899,wasfrom early boyhood single-minded in his ambition to write. Onleaving high school,he joined a local Kansas newspaper as atrainee reporter. He went on to become foreign correspondentfor the Toronto Star and used his extraordinary experiences inEurope and later Cuba to inform his writing. In his words,“Idecided that I would write one story about each thing that Iknew about.” Having set himself this goal,he wrote novels andshort stories based on his personal experiences of the FirstWorld War,the Spanish Civil War,bullfighting and deep-seafishing,amongst others. His short novel The Old Man and theSea,about the three-day epic struggle between an elderlyfisherman and the biggest fish he had ever caught,won thePulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953. He would later go on to win theNobel Prize in Literature.美国作家欧内斯特·海明威,生于1899年,从小就一心想写作。高中毕业后,他加入了堪萨斯州当地一家报纸,成为一名实习记者。他后来成为《多伦多星报》的外国记者,并利用他在欧洲和后来在古巴的非凡经历为他的写作提供了素材。用他的话说,“我决定把我所知道的每件事都写一个故事。”他为自己定下了这个目标,根据自己在第一次世界大战、西班牙内战、斗牛和深海捕鱼等方面的亲身经历,写了小说和短篇小说。他的短篇小说《老人与海》讲述了一位老渔夫与他钓到的最大的鱼之间长达

今仍以侦探小说而闻s。Interestingly,Doyle wrote some of his early Holmes storieswhile he was waiting for patient名 in his medical practice inLondon. After Sherlock Holmes made him a householdname,Doyle gave up medicine and devoted himself entirely towriting. He still longed to become known for his historical novelsamongst other academic works. The public,however,couldn’tget enough of Sherlock Holmes. In desperation,Doyle killed offthe famous detective in a novel published in 1893 so that hecould focus on his “serious” writing. However,fans of Holmeswere so angry that Doyle,under immense pressure,was forcedto bring Holmes back from the dead. Doyle’s many historicalnovels,plays,poems and academic papers have remainedlargely forgotten,but Sherlock Holmes has been entertainingreaders for well over a century.有
纪a。Though both of these men were ultimately successful,theirp了ths to success were very different,their futures notnecessarily turning out exactly as they planned. So,whatevertwists and turns you might encounter,take a leaf out of thebooks of these two authors and be prepared for the unexpected.As renowned tech innovator Steve Jobs once said,“You can’tconnect the dots looking forward;you can only connect themlooking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots willsomehow connect in your future.”
By contrast,the young Arthur Conan Doyle,born in Scotland in1859,had originally worked as a doctor. But Doyle’s mainambition was to become a writer of historical novels. Althoughsome of his historical novels were published,their success wasnothing compared to the stories of his fictionaldetective,Sherlock Holmes,which he is still best known for tothis day.相比之下,1859年出生于

夫·乔布斯tS(eve Jobs)曾经说过的那样,“你能不向前看,你只能向后
来。”Choices and decidions外研选择
性必_U四SH7修1_UL9_P7音频 00:0002:23Activity 9 Listen again and complete the notes.Why did:Richard apply for this job? Because he has always been interested in 1_________What did Richard do in his previous holidays? He worked in a youth hostel in Vietnam 2_________He worked 3___________ in Bali. He 4__________ in Thailand.Why does Richard believe he is suitable for the job?Because he is a 5_________ and outgoing person, and feels happywhen 6___________.His 7__________ have made him a flexible individual. 8_________ is relevantWhy did Richard do part-time jobs? Because he 9_____________ his holiday time.Because the experiences would 10_________参考答案Activity 8第
二则广告 Activit 91.dealing with people2.guiding visitors to local sites3.as a lifeguard on the beach4.worked selling food at a street stall5.friendly6.he is working hard to satisfy people7.travel experiences8.His previous work experience9.desired to make the best use of10.prepare him for his future college application听

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条路几乎是一模 样。And both that一morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black.Oh,I kept the first for another day!Yet knowing how way leads on to way,I doubted if I should ever come back.那