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Welcome unit Reading andThinkingFIRST IMPRESSIONS第一印象 Han Jing’s World 韩静的世界7:00 a.m. 上午7:00 So thisis it—senior high school at last! I’m not outgoing so I’malittle anxious right now. I want to make a good firstimpression. Will I makeany friends? What if no one talksto me?就是这样——终于到了高中学校了!我性格并不外向,所以现在有点儿焦虑。我想给别人留下好的第一印象。我会交到朋友吗?要是没人跟我说话怎么办? 12: 30 p.m. 中午12:30 I just had my firstmaths class at senior high school! Theclass was difficult, but the teacher waskind and friendly.He even told us a funny story, and everyone laughed so

much!I found most of my classmates and teachersfriendly and helpful.我刚刚上完高中的第一节数学课!这堂课很难,但老师却很和蔼可亲。他还给我们讲了一个有趣的故事,每个人都笑得很开心!我发现我的大多数同学和老师都很友好,而且乐于助人。 5: 32 p.m. 下午5:32 This afternoon, we hadour chemistry class in the sciencelab. The lab is new and the lesson wasgreat, but the guynext to me tried to talk to me the whole time. Icouldn’tconcentrate on the experiment. I really wantedto tell him to please be quietand leave me alone!今天下午,我们在科学实验室上了化学课。实验室是新的,这节课也很精彩,但坐在我旁边的那个家伙一直试图跟我说话。我无法集中精力做实验。我真想对他说:请安静点,别烦我! 10:29 p.m. 晚上10:29

What a day! Thismorning, I was worried that no onewould talk to me. But I was wrong. I didn’tfeel awkwardor frightened at all. I miss my friends from junior highschool,but I believe I will make new friends here, andthere’s a lot to explore atsenior high. I feel much moreconfident than I felt this morning. I think thattomorrowwill be a great day!多好的一天啊!今天早上,我担心没有人会跟我说话。但我错了。我一点儿也不觉得尴尬或害怕。我想念我初中的朋友,但我相信我会在这里会结交到新朋友,而且高中有很多事物等着我去探索。我感觉比今天早上自信多了。我相信,明天将是非常不错的一天! Reading forWritingAnn, 15 安:15岁Lakeside HighSchool 湖滨高中 USA 美国 My name is Ann Wellsand I’m a Grade 10 student atLakeside High School. I’m an active person and Ilovesports. I’m curious about everything. I often askquestions, but I learnbest by doing. My favourite subjectis physics. Dancing and skating are myhobbies, and I

also like to read short stories. I plan to become anengineer inthe future.我叫安•韦尔斯,是湖滨高中10年级的学生。我性格活泼,喜欢运动我对一切事物都充满好奇。我经常提出问题,动手操作时我的学习效果最好。我最喜欢的科目是物理。我的爱好是跳舞和滑冰,我也喜欢读短篇小说。我计划将来要成为一名工程师。 Thando, 16 桑多:16岁South Hill HighSchool 南山高中South Africa 南非 I’m Thando Gowon. I’m16 this year. I come from SouthAfrica. I’m a Grade 10 student at South HillHigh School. Ilook good, think fast, and play hard. You’ll never seemewithout a book or a pen. If I’m not in class, I’m eitherin the library or inthe computer lab. At the weekends, Iplay computer games if I’m not busystudying. My dreamis to start my own IT company!我是桑多•戈翁。我今年16岁,来自南非。我是南山高中10年级的学生。我长得挺好,思维敏捷,该玩的时候就玩得很卖力。不论什么时候,你都会看到我拿着书或握着笔。如果我不在上课,就一定在图

创办一家自己的信术技息公司nUnit 1 Teenagelife Readi!g andThinkingTHE FRESHMAN CHALLENGE新生的
挑战 Hi! My name is Adam andI’m a freshman at senior highschool. Going from junior high school to seniorhighschool is a really big challenge. The first week was alittle confusing.嗨
挑战。第一周有点让人迷茫 First, I had to thinkvery。carefully about which courses Iwanted to take. The school adviser helpedme choose thesuitable ones: maths, English, chemistry, world history,andChinese. I know that Chinese is a very difficultlanguage, but I hope to befluent when I graduate. Myadviser recommended that I should sign up for

而且成绩不错,我的指导老师建议我选修高级文c。 I had to chooseextra-curri学ular activities, too. I tried tojoin the school football team, butthe coach told me that Ididn’t play well enough. Obviously, I was unhappy, butIwon’t quit. I’ll find a way to improve on my own so that Ican make the teamnext year. I joined a volunteer clubinstead. Every Wednesday, we work at a soupkitchen andhand out food to homeless people in the community.我还得
。 I know I’ll have tostudy harder as a senior high schoolstudent and get used to being responsiblefor a lot more.
advancedliterature because I like English and I’m good atit.首先

分准备i Read。ng forWriting10 September 20182018年9月10日Dear Worried Friend,亲爱的有烦
恼a朋友, You wrote th的t you arevery worried about your friend,Chen Lei. I understand quite well that you areanxiousand feel terrible. You think that your friend plays
I’m a bit worried about keeping up with the otherstudents inmy advanced course, and it’ll be quitedifficult to get used to all thehomework. Still, I’m happyto be here. Studying hard isn’t always fun, but I’llbe wellprepared for university or whatever else comes in thefuture.我

。你认友你的朋为玩电脑游戏过于频繁,而且花太多时间在上网d I recommend that youtalk to your frien。 about hisbehaviour. It is not unusual for teenagers ofyourgeneration to be attracted to computer games and theonline world. Butspending too much time online isunhealthy and makes it very difficult to focuson otherthings in life. Some students even become addicted tothe Internet andcannot concentrate on school and familylife. I think you should encourage yourfriend to try newhobbies. Why not discuss the problem together? I amsure hewill listen to you, since you are his good friend.我
computer games toooften and spends too much timeonline.你信中

一切顺利2Susan Luo 苏珊•罗Unit !Travelling around Reading andThinkingPERU is a country onthe Pacific coast of South Americawith three main areas: narrow, dry, flatland runningalong the coast, the Andes Mountains, and the Amazonrainforest.秘鲁
的、干燥的、坦平的沿海地区山安第斯,脉和亚马孙热带雨林0 In the 14。0s and 1500s,Peru was the centre of thepowerful ancient Inca Empire. The Inca emperor livedinthe now-famous site Machu Picchu. Spain took control ofPeru in the 16thcentury and ruled until 1821. It is for thisreason that Spanish is the mainofficial language of Peru.在15至16世
All the best,祝

游h鲁Amazon Rainforest Tour 亚马孙热带雨林之旅 A s秘ort flight fromCusco takes you from the Andes intothe Amazon rainforest. From there, you’llspend one daytravelling by boat to your accommodation in the middleof theforest. You can then spend three days exploring therainforest with a localguide and enjoying the plants andanimals unique to the rainforest.从库
植c。 Machu Pi物chu Tour 马丘

贴合,即可稳固墙体 。Cusco Tour库
斯科o旅 Spend fou